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Weight 4,9 kg
Info CE 0082, EN 360
Length: 10 m

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Retractable fall arrester by TRACTEL® with an impact absorbing system

  • works on the principle of retractable seat belts in the car
  • action radius ca. 10 m
  • three variants of the retractable rope: galvanised steel, stainless steel or syntetic
  • locking system ensures quick stop in case of falling
  • integrated Absorbing End System (AES) reduces the violence of the impact on the user´s body even if he falls with the rope fully unwound
  • equipped with two carabiners (there are two variants of the lower: M46 or M47)
  • with an additional lanyard placed between the rope and your harness also can be used horizontally (e.g. allows to protect a worker on the flat roof)
  • suitablefor working at heights, rope centers and similaractivities

Overview of the variants and codes:

3 variants of the rope: galvanised steel, stainless steel or syntetic

2 variants of the carabiner:

  • M46 - automatic carabiner with fall indicator
  • M47 - automatic carabiner without fall indicator
 rope:  with M46 carabiner  with M47 carabiner
 galvanised steel rope  A0010AE01  A0020AE01
 stainless steel rope  A0011AE01  A0021AE01
 syntetic rope           -  A0022AE01

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