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  • Capacity 125 - 500 kg The model CPS is the smallest and lightest model within the range of Yale electric chain hoists. Reliability and compact design make it ideal for numerous applications in the construction industry, service companies and many industrial areas for moving small and medium loads.  

  • Capacity 250 - 2 000 kg The electric chain hoist model CPV combines modern design and technical innovation. A robust construction makes the series a versatile tool for professional applications. The integrated limit switch for the highest and lowest hook position considerably extends the working life span of the slip clutch, motor and gearbox.  

  • Capacity 1 600 - 5 000 kg The CPE / CPEF series is a range of high quality products for professional applications. They are highly efficient and engineered for a long working life. The hoists are composed of three main component parts which makes service easy  and inexpensive.

  • Capacity 10 000 kg The model CPE 100-2 consists of two CPE 50-2 units. They are connected by a framework. Hook suspension, geared or electric trolleys are available. Integrated limit switches for highest and lowest hook positions are standard. 42 V low volt age control as standard.  

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items