The PIEPS JETFORCE TOUR PRO was developed specifically for high-tours and day ski tours.

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Weight 3500 g
Info CE- EN16716
Reservoir capacity 200 l
Gear capacity 34 l

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The PIEPS JETFORCE TOUR PRO was developed specifically for high-tours and day ski tours.

  • First electronic system - with jet-fan technology that only needs ambient air for inflation.
  • Multiple Deployments - The compact Lithium-Ion battery supports min. 4 airbag deployments per charge and is air-travel friendly.
  • Automatic airbag deflation - The airbag deflates automatically after 3 minutes. In case of emergency the pressure on the buried person is reduced and a big air pocket is created.
  • Zero additional costs - Because the system uses jet-fan inflation instead of compressed-gas cylinders, PIEPS JETFORCE can be deployed for training without additional costs.
  • JET-FAN & MOTOR - The 200-liter JETFORCE airbag can be filled in less than 3 seconds thanks to the jet-fan rotor that spins at 60,000 revolutions per minute (by comparison, a hairdryer spins at 4,000-20,000 rpm). Periodic refilling guarantees the bag stays inflated, even in case of small tears or leaks. After 3 minutes, the airbag automatically deflates, reducing pressure on the user. In the case of a full burial, this can create an hollow space that increases the chance of survival.
  • Material - The JetForce airbag material needs no special packing and folding technique and can be repacked quickly and easily. The bag is made with 315d Cordura airbag-fiber technology, which offers exeptional strength at very low weight.
  • Li-ion battery
- The JetForce-system use a specially designed Lithium-Ion battery, which generates high current even at very cold temperatures (-30°C).
- 500 charge cycles ensure a long-lifetime, self-discharge for easy storage properties.
- The intelligent battery management system (BMS) is together with temperature sensors responsible for an optimized battery-performance as well as protection (e.g. depth decharge and charging at temperature below zero).
  • Self-diagnosis - The self-diagnosis checks the operational capability of the system on every startup and performs additional checks while armed.

  • Additional functions: 

  1. Compression strap with non-icing PIEPS-buckle
  2. Safety gear compartment for shovel and probe
  3. Special helmet attachment - removable and stowable
  4. Combined ski and snowboard carrying system

Product combinations

Model Size Color
PP112841REDOS_M1 M
PP112841YELOS_M1 M
PP112841REDOS_L1 L
PP112841YELOS_L1 L

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