PEWAG ARM Anti-slide pad

Durable anti-slip mats; ideal for securing loads. Reduces the number of lashing straps required for lashing-down operations by increasing the dynamic friction factor.

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  • Tested anti-slip mats; ideal for securing commercial loads.
  • Useable for loads up to 82.50 t / .
  • Friction factor with 10 t / depending on the friction partner up to 1.49 μ.
  • Extremely robust and designed for multiple use.
  • Sealed surface means that no liquid is able to penetrate the material, thereby also preventing frost formation.
  • Available in a pre-cut design with 20 x 24 cm.
  • Other dimensions and/or complete rolls are available upon request.

Product combinations

Model Axial length Dimensions
ARM 20 x 24 4.50 mm 200 x 240 mm
ARM 10 x 20 8 mm 100 x 200 mm
ARM 20 x 20 8 mm 200 x 200 mm

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