Lightweight plastic pegs with reinforced tips, most suitable for soft ground use.

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Material ABS plastic, aluminium

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  • The MSR Dart Stakes will provide a lot of holding power in a very lightweight package.
  • Take these with you to peg out the areas of your tent that are going to get the most battering from the weather, then use lighter pegs elsewhere.
  • The anodised aluminium tips make sure these pegs will last a long time.
  • They are most suitable for soft ground, it would be very difficult to use them in hard ground.

Product combinations

Model Length Format Weight
02179 15 cm 1 piece 8 g
02099 15 cm Kit (6 pcs) 8 g/pcs
03324 23 cm Kit (6 pcs) 24 g/pcs
02447 23 cm 1 piece 24 g

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