The JOKER is a multi-purpose rope for ridge climbs, or other classic, mixed or snow routes.

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Diameter of rope in mm 9.1
Info CE 0120, UIAA, EN 892
Material Polyamid (Golden Dry/Dry Cover)
Static elongation % 8 (twin) / 7 (half)
Nnumber of falls 5 (single) / 25 (twin) / 20 (half)
Type half, single, twin
Weight g/m 53
Dynamic elongation % 32 (twin) / 29 (half)
Impact force kN 8.2 (single) / 9.5 (twin) / 6 (half)
UNICORE Unicore Technology is process joins the rope core to the sheath. If the sheath becomes torn or cut, the core and sheath will remain bonded so that the climber can pass the damaged section and doesn't become stuck.
Midpoint of rope Yes

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After having been the first thin rope on the market to meet the requirements for all three standards for dynamic ropes, JOKER will from now on benefit from the latest UNICORE technology. The JOKER, at one and the same time a single, double, and twin rope, is now UNICORE and will delight the most experienced climbers and alpinists seeking lightness, easy running and security, and at the same time the traditionalists looking for a multi-purpose rope for ridge climbs, or other classic, mixed or snow routes.

Strong points:

  • Multipurpose.
  • Ultra light and free running.
  • The rope doesn't bunch up, and remains supple for the long term.
  • Possesses all the advantages of the UNICORE technology.


  •  Very high level climbers. (Single)
  • Climber / Mountaineer. (Half, Twin)

Product combinations

Model Length Color Type Type of impregnation
BC091J.50GD.O 50 m
Golden dry
BC091J.50.O 50 m
Dry cover
BC091J.50.B 50 m
Dry cover
BC091J.50GD.B 50 m
Golden dry
BC091J.60GD.B 60 m
Golden dry
BC091J.60.O 60 m
Dry cover
BC091J.60GD.O 60 m
Golden dry
BC091J.60.B 60 m
Dry cover
BC091J.70GD.B 70 m
Golden dry
BC091J.70.O 70 m
Dry cover
BC091J.70GD.O 70 m
Golden dry
BC091J.70.B 70 m
Dry cover
BC091J.80.O 80 m
Dry cover
BC091J.80GD.O 80 m
Golden dry
BC091J.80.B 80 m
Dry cover
BC091J.100SC.O 100 m
Safe control Dry cover
BC091J.200.O 200 m
Dry cover
BC091J.200GD.O 200 m
Golden dry
BC091J.200.B 200 m
Dry cover
BC091J.200GD.B 200 m
Golden dry

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