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MSR WINDBURNER 1,8 l Stove System


Combining award-winning MSR Reactor technology with the features solo travelers need most, the 1.8-liter WindBurner Stove System is ideal for backcountry adventures and weekend camping alike.

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Burning time 95 min
Boiling time of 1 liter of water 4,5 min

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  • Larger capacity than the 1-liter WindBurner Stove System lets you make bigger meals and boil more water
  • Its radiant burner and enclosed, windproof design allow the stove to boil water fast and operate in weather that leaves conventional burners in the cold
  • Integrated 1.8-liter pot with built-in heat exchanger efficiently transfers heat so you can enjoy a quick meal or hot drink after a hike, ride or paddle
  • 100% primary air combustion, enclosed design and internal pressure regulator work together to make stove virtually impervious to outside conditions
  • All-in-one system nests inside its pot for easy packing and assembly, leaving more time for you to enjoy your adventure
  • Compact, all-in-one stove and cookware solution features a secure-locking pot / personal eat-and-drink mug with cozy
  • Conveniently packs the stove burner, 4 oz. (110g) fuel canister (not included), folding canister stand and PackTowl inside the pot; extra full-size bowl snaps to the outside
  • Lid with drinking and straining ports; insulated cozy with handle; folding canister stand
  • Customizable system works with optional cookware accessories, including the WindBurner skillet and hanging kit (sold separately)
  • Due to flammable item shipping restrictions, we cannot sell fuel canisters online; they are available at REI retail stores

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