PETZL LEZARD Helivac lanyard


The LEZARD lanyard is designed for helivac at altitude. It allows the drop-off/recovery phases to be secured thanks to an adjustable arm that can be instantly ejected to free the victim, the rescuer and the helicopter if the latter needs to suddenly leave its stationary position.

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Weight 880 g
Info CE
Material aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, elastomer

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  • Designed for high altitude helivac:
    - On the metal frame, a large upper hole for rapid attachment of the helicopter winch
    - adjustable arm allowing its length to be adjusted for connecting to the belay station
    - double lower end allowing the rescuer and victim to be connected
    - carabiner fixed to the metal frame to attach a litter
  • It allows the drop-off/recovery phases to be secured: if the helicopter needs to suddenly leave its stationary position, the adjustable arm instantly ejects to free the victim, rescuer and the helicopter
  • Easy manipulation:
    - instant identification of the attachment elements thanks to their color coding
  • Very quick and precise length adjustment of the adjustable arm thanks to the ergonomic shape of the ADJUST rope clamp
    - facilitated clipping due to connectors held in correct position
  • Dynamic rope lanyard to limit the impact transmitted to the user in case of a short fall (1)

    NOTE: Because of the specificity of the LEZARD helivac lanyard, training on how to use the product is obligatory, through Petzl or a certified body.

    (1) The LEZARD helivac lanyard does not have an energy absorber. It should thus only be used if the fall factor is less than 1 (used below the anchor point).

    The LEZARD was developed by Petzl and based on a patent filed by Jean-Louis Rocourt.

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