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BRANO Standard Rack jack

Version with standard crank, ratchet crank and ratchet crank-lever

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Version with standard crank, ratchet crank and ratchet crank-lever.


  • for lifting and manipulation with load
  • for assembly work of all kind
  • also in variant for use in explosive environment  (marking NEXP)


  • robust and “indestructible” construction
  • lifting (expanding) actions using the head or side brace
  • reliably holds the load in any position using the lock built into the crank
  • acceptable actuating force in crank
  • increased operating comfort in the version with the ratchet handle ( “RK“ symbol) and ratchet-crank lever (“RKP” symbol)
  • for advantage of  use of individual types of cranks see prospect of cranks
  • low maintenance requirements
  • casing of the transmission (for lifting capacity from 2,5t – 10t) has lubrication plug allowing transmission lubrication without removal of casing
  • foot has an opening – simplifies use of rack jack in horizontal position when pushing apart object above head.
  • The lifter´s foot can be easily attached in the required position by using a screw without need to use a helper
  • meets requirements of CSN EN 1494

Product combinations

Model Capacity WLL in kg Format
15-00-2,5 2 500 Crank
15-00-RKP-2,5 2 500 Ratchet crank-lever
15-00-RK-2,5 2 500 Ratchet crank
15-00-5 5 000 Crank
15-00-RKP-5 5 000 Ratchet crank-lever
15-00-RK-5 5 000 Ratchet crank
15-00-10 10 000 Crank
15-00-RKP-10 10 000 Ratchet crank-lever
15-00-RK-10 10 000 Ratchet crank
15-00-16 16 000 Crank
15-00RKP-16 16 000 Ratchet crank-lever
15-00-RK-16 16 000 Ratchet crank
Z23 20 000

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