PIEPS MICRO is the smallest, lightest and most intuitive 3-antenna-beacon from PIEPS.

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Device management with PIEPS-APP:

  • Update
  • Device-Check
  •  Device-Registration
  • Settings

Sensor-technology for easy and intuitive handling. Switches automatically from send mode to search mode. Vibration at initial detection. This lets rescuers focus on the visual surface search during the signal search.

  • Maximum circular receiving range due to the PIEPS 3-antenna-system.
  • Extensive self check, Review of all relevant hardware and software elements as well as showing the current software version.
  • Big display for easy readability.
  • Perfect mark-performance due to exact signal processing without any performance losses. 
  • Auto-Antenna-Switch. If the transmitting antenna experiences a fault due to electronic devices or metal interference, it automatically switches to the other antenna.
  • Auto-Search-to-Send. This function automatically switches the PIEPS MICRO from search mode to transmit mode, if the beacon is not moving for a certain time (in case of burial).
  • iProbe Support. The PIEPS MICRO can be temporarily deactivated using the smart iPROBE. The receiving beacon automatically receives the next strongest signal.
  • Group check. Reviews the activity and transmission parameters of the partner device. PIEPS recommends to perform a group check before each tour.
  • Carrying System PIEPS MICRO. Hard case. Water-repellent materials.
    Compact hard case so the sensor is covered reliably
  • Included in delivery: Pieps Micro carrying system, micro-bag, hard loop, 1xAA baterrry (AA), manual
  • -Transmission frequency (kHz, according to EN300718): 457
    -Power supply: 1 battery (AA)
    -Battery lifetime: 200
    -Maximum range (m): 40
    -Search strip width (m): 40-
    -Weight (g, incl. batteries): 150
    -Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 106 x74 x 20
    -Receiving antennas: 3
    -Latest firmware: v1.0

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